Dear colleagues,


“Roma” LLC was established in 1997. Today it is one of the leading companies in the medical market in Armenia.



  • Providing medical institutions with modern laboratory equipment
  • Provide laboratories with reagents and consumables
  • Implementation of projects for integrated laboratory equipment, taking into account their specificity
  • Implementation of service and methodological support for clinical diagnostic laboratories


Our mission is to provide the medical institutions with the best equipment for the best prices. This becomes possible thanks to our contracts with the biggest international companies that produce high quality equipment for medicine.  This, in its turn, makes it possible for us to offer the most reasonable prices to our clients. Today “Roma” LLC is the main distributor of more than 30 European, Russian, American and Asian manufacturers with a variety of over 5000 items.


Our clients are:

  • State institutions
  • The largest hospitals
  • International charity organizations
  • Large companies selling medical equipment in Armenia


“Roma” LLC is also the distributor of medical equipment in accordance with the World Bank medical projects in different regions in Armenia.


Our Company has its own warehouse and transport service. We also provide with the necessary technical support, medical engineers, and this enables the effective exploitation of the medical equipment, its repair and post-sales service. All this, as well as highly professional qualifications of the staff, the big range of the proposed assortment, optimal price-quality ratio of the offered products, the necessary information and technical base help the company retain its leading position in the medical market of Armenia.


In the nearest future our company aims to strengthen its relationships with the existing partners, develop new schemes of work that would most suit clients’ needs, as well as improve service standards, expand the range of the assortment based on customers’ needs, explore and expand into new markets.




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